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street art workshop
world class cocktails & middle eastern bites

Summer almost over? We have sunshine every day: Jêle Café invites you to an intercultural summer party - a spiritual as well as sensory short trip to Tel Aviv: between the 30th August and 2nd September from 18:30 you will have the chance to enjoy world-famous cocktails and exceptional culinary treats in the cozy "Garden Jêle".
Behind the bar you will find no less a figure than former bar manager of the world-renowned Imperial Craft Cocktail Bar in Tel Aviv: Bobby's concoctions are pairing wonderfully with Israels many captivating flavours

bobby imperial
"Wenn du deiner Mama sagst, du seist Mixologist, tönt das doch viel netter als 'Bartender'"

Omri "Bobby" Dagan has rocked a variety of bars within the last ten years: from shady dive bars to high-end restaurants and up to managing one of the worlds finest cocktail bars (Imperial Tel Aviv).

bobby imperial
"you'll never know if you won't try!"

Don't know the difference between a cocktail and a longdrink, what to drink besides Gin & Tonic or Aperol Spritz, and you believe you like neither Whisky nor Tequila? Time to leave that comfort zone and enter the fascinating world of craft cocktail culture.



Welche Cocktails dich konkret erwarten:

Pappa Americano

Ein erfrischender Aperitif mit einem Hauch Whisky und Zitrone

El Primero

Dieser fruchtig-würzige Auftakt verführt unter anderem mit Ananas und Kardamom und gibt dir einen ersten Vorgeschmack auf Tel Avivs betörendes Nachtleben

bobby imperial
Rosemary Baby

Der Name ist Programm: Nicht umsonst wurde Rosmarin bereits von den Römern und Ägyptern kultiviert und spielte dort vor allem bei Feierlichkeiten und Zeremonien eine wichtige Rolle.

Godsmacked Lemonade

Eine kleine Erfrischung gefällig? Es wird auf jeden Fall minzig und zitrusfruchtig - mit einer leichten Prise Vanille und Ingwer. Göttlich!

Bobby‘s Michelada

Was in diesem Glas steckt, bleibt vorerst natürlich ein Geheimnis. Lass Bobby dich verwöhnen!



You will also be able to pair all of these amazing concoctions with the irresistible Israeli cuisine. It is certainly not a secret that one can enjoy exceptional dishes throughout Tel Aviv! That has also convinced Isabella Scherer:

bobby imperial

The founder of several food pop-ups focuses on origin and quality of the products she uses. She'll demonstrate a culinary travelogue from the Tel Avivi "Port Said" kitchen on every plate.

bobby imperial

Street Art

And since Tel Aviv does not only indulge the senses with colourful cooking pots, but also brightly painted walls and unwavering creativity, we also invite you to an exclusive street art workshop on 1 and 2 September.

bobby imperial

The street art workshop imparts urban skills and let's you run wild with your creativity. Spray can, marker, cardboard - we have the equipment, you'll bring your style. In the following "stencils-to tiles" contest every workshop-participant can present his or her works. The most convincing pieces will be hanged up on the walls of the Jêle Café.
Participants must be aged 16 or above.

bobby imperial

Dates & Pricing

Save the 4000 kilometers and the money for the flight ticket, book your seat on one of the most precious terraces in Basel and get kissed by the Tel Avivian sun!

  • Thursday, 30. August, 19:30
  • Friday, 31. August, 19:30
  • Saturday, 1. September, 18:30
Street Art Workshop
  • Saturday, 1. September, 13:30
  • Sonntag, 2. September, 13:30

Package Content Price
Nuage 1 Cocktail-Dinner CHF 85.-
Nuage 2 Street Art Workshop CHF 25.-
Nuage 3 Street Art Workshop + Cocktail-Dinner CHF 100.-

Neben den Cocktail-Dinners (3 Cocktails plus Mezze) auf Reservation stehen unsere Türen natürlich auch für spontane Gäste offen, die gerne einen, zwei oder drei leckere Drinks zwitschern.